Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2008

and now we ride the circus wheel-- says it was good to be alive

so, yesterday i cooked my host family thanksgiving dinner. all of it, except the gravy. i even stuffed the chicken (couldn't find turkeys in germany in october) and smeared them with some sort of oil/herb concoction. it went over quite well. we had the upstairs neighbors over and my friend eva and had a lovely evening.

for mum, the menu:
main course:
chicken with herbs and stuffing
vegetarian stuffing
rolls (not as good as yours, of course... they looked pretty weird.)
mashed potatoes
cranberry sauce

pumpkin pie/torte (they don't seem to have pie plates, so I made it in a spring-form plate: it looked pretty, though)

overall, it was quite the success. everyone seemed quite appreciative and we ate almost everything. They had never heard of cranberry sauce and I managed to explain it as the American version of sauerkraut.


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(everyone-- eva, doerte, margaret, willi, willi, almut)

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(note the peanut butter m&ms)

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(everyone again, but with dessert, this time.)

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and then willi, the neighbor not my host dad went upstairs and got some sort of plastic hammer. so my host mum blew it up and wandered around with it for a while.

At the end of the meal, I was so amazingly deeply satisfied (the kind that I so rarely seem to have-- it's hard here because it is rare to find a source of validation-- in the us i had paychecks and finished essays and here i make a sentence (which a two year old can do better than i can)) and just pleased. tickled pink, etc.

after dinner, some of doerte's friends showed up so we watched a movie (the first one I've managed to stay entirely awake for, I believe) and ate chocolate and chips and i answered questions horribly and laughed at sandra bullock's voice overs.

so i went to bed late and didn't sleep enough and today i am making college applications and english works.

that's all for now


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Lauren-Margaret hat gesagt…

I love your blog!! Your family seems like a lot of fun... Hopefully my host dad will help me cook MY thanksgiving dinner. Ich kann nicht küchen.

Or speak German.