Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008

i was choking on a cornflake, you said have some toast instead

so, it's thursday. it was cold today and i am tired and i was going to write about how katie learns a language, but that will wait until maybe tomorrow. and holidays. and a bit of history.

today i had my strassenbahn ticket checked for the first time. oh, and also sometimes i randomly understand things strangers say. it's really quite cool. the bus was also late for the first time.

and then i got home and drew some pictures. had dinner, a bath and am now curled up in bed.

i have one more day of german class left, and then i finally, finally, finally get to go to real school. so excited. i'm going a bit stir crazy.

so, this week i've been reading articles. and little bits of my book. tomorrow i'm going shopping for trousers and sneakers and socks and maybe a hoodie. or a blazer, a lot of girls wear blazers here. and another scarf. heavens, that's going to take about a million hours!

on saturday, i'm taking the train up to hamburg to kick about for a bit, see the harbor or just wander.

this is short, but i'm making vocabulary lists and doing english things-- college applications and essays and other unpleasant things.


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