Sonntag, 16. November 2008

(i'm listening to awkward string arrangements of the smiths)

friday night was my first official german party. it was the eighteenth birthday of my friend eva. so, about 9.30 i bundled myself up and biked over to her house. ironically, i managed to hold several regular conversations, introducing myself to a clutch of new folks (including a really tall boy named Mich-ai-yell, who I think might become a friend?) and talking like a normal human bean. moral of the story is that, as long as we keep it in my vocabulary, I can sort of speak German like a human bean. Not always, but...

It's nice. My vocabulary isn't huge, but it's getting bigger. So... wait. Plus, you get to see the progression of girl/boy from normal to spilling odd-cocktail all down their front.

Also, I had my first proper sip of German beer! Story being:
Mich-ai-yell (it's actual spelled Michael, I believe). "Do you drink?"
Me: No?
Him: You haven't had a beer yet?
Me: No? (casting about) Uhm, I don't like the way it smells.
Him: Here, have a sip. (Goes on about "Good German beer", not that "pissy American beer"
Me: (takes a sip). Is disgusted.

But then people take it like a proper challenge (but not a scary one, just kind of funny). My host brother keeps asking. So, have you had a beer yet? Yet? Why not? You're allowed to, you know!

Yesterday we had the annual Arbeitstage, where my upstairs-neighbor and my host family winter-proof the garden. I've never been one for manual labor, but it was actually kind of fun. We ate a lot and I raked for like six hours.

We got up early and ate breakfast fast (a rarity, especially on the weekends). By 9:15 we were all outside, reading out the plan of attack. And then we started raking. By 10:00, Steffan, my older host brother, came around offering the first round of beers.

I mean, honestly... we were climbing ladders. There was a chainsaw. Doesn't seem like a good idea. And it was 10:00 in the morning. I don't even think that's five o'clock anywhere.

So I said no. He pointed at the box. See, look. It's non-alcoholic. You'll like this one better.

I still say no.

Flash-forward to lunch. Steffan hands me a bottle. It's still gross. It takes me about 5 hours to drink. It is rank and... just ew. I'd rather have tea.

But for some reason, this offends people, as if I am personally insulting their heritage because I don't want to drink their beer.

/end alcoholic times.

So, after we finished working, we all went inside and ate. Then we watched a movie and went to bed. This morning we had a huge breakfast (my two older host-siblings are home) and I'm going to work on English today, as well as learn a bit for school.

I think I might take a bike ride, too.

That's all for now

PS-- I finished my first christmas gift, a green-teal slouchy beret in seed-stitch. it's blocking at the moment, but it's quite pretty. also, the christmas market opens on november 26... i'm pretty excited.

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margot hat gesagt…

hi katie,

i got your letter! it made me so happy! and i loved the leaf; when my host mother saw it she brought me three big boxes of greeting cards with a goethe poem about gingo leaves on them. i think i shall write you back using one of them.

i can completely sympathize about gym (as you probaby know if you've read my volleyball story on my blog.) it takes me about three times as long as anyone else to learn something, since it seems that 100% of german teen like "sport." and that's really good that you're starting to feel more at home in your school. the students in my school also go around giving each other hugs and kisses in the mornings and evenings, and i think it's really sweet. there are a couple of girls who hug me, too, which i like since i really miss getting hugs from my friends.

this weekend i went to köln with another exchange student in my district and her family. it was really fun, but it was weird being on vacation without my family. i wished my dad were there to navigate the subway and find interesting things to see. and like you said about dresden, i kept noticing things that were funny or cool or interesting and wishing i could show my family or a friend.

i am turning sixteen next week, so i will also be officially allowed to drink. i have never tasted beer, so i don't know whether or not i like it. i think i should try, just since i'm in germany and it seems like the appropriate thing to do... we'll see.

good luck! keep in touch --