Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

techno remixes make for bad titles

my hopes for a quiet night were quickly and completely destroyed as my bus failed to arrive as scheduled at 6:36, as well as 6:37, 6:42, and 6:54. At shortly after seven, I finally broke down and did the thing I hadn't done since I arrived in Germany four months ago: I called for help.

Despite my complete and utter failure to understand German, my seeming inability to get off at the right bus station and and my lack of time management, I have yet not failed to get myself home. But standing there in my Converse (I managed to break my winter boots today, my amazing boots that are the right color brown and warm and without a big heel and don't look like space-stomper boots), in the -13* C cold, I finally broke down and called my host parents.

So my host dad came and got me. According to him, I just spent over an hour standing outside on the coldest day in germany in three years. i am thrilled, frankly.

today was my last day of ferein: it was a good one. a lot of reading and thinking, rationalization. i did a lot of english work, got into my two safety colleges.

i am off to finish a bar of chocolate and an essay.

lots of love
and hair of the dog


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