Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

today was a good school day. then i rode to the city and met up with mika. we pretended to sign up for new german classes for a while and then went and ate. we spoke english, a novelty, and drank coffee and went to the oxfam shop, where i bought: a vintage copy of don quixote in german, buttons and a framed butterfly.

after a while i went home and i baked a lemon merengue pie. i would like to express (pardon any family readers), a ginormous WHAT THE HELL? my peaks totally all collapsed in the oven. It was the MILE HIGH pie. I am not very impressed. I blame it on the lack of proper tartar sauce.

tomorrow we are having a birthday party. sunday i am going to work on a project for school. i get to go visit zoe soon! i am quite excited. i am also going to see my friend becca in the end of january.


ps-- topic ideas would still be very much appreciated.

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