Sonntag, 15. März 2009

lick your cigarette and then kiss me

on friday, i went to see the Seltsame Fall des Benjamin Button. with my host mum. it was her birthday present. I still don't know how I feel about it, but it was certainly interesting. I think I like films better in German.

every once in a while, i'm struck again by how much i understand. this was a really texty movie, and i found myself explaining it to my host mum. (i don't know if she was just humoring me, but it was still really nice.

yesterday was so, amazingly beautiful and warm and sunny. i went to the city and met up with my au pair friend and we ate ice cream and mumbled about my failure of a love life and then i bought, in no particular order: a formelsammlung, pastel kreide, hair dye (apparently, i am going strawberry blond), ANOTHER new journal (starting number 3, kiddos, my fault for using the pocket sized, i imagine) and a new notepad for school. which blows this week budget already.

yesterday was a really big soccer game between the braunschweig team and the berlin team and braunschweig lost tragically. the riot police were out en masse (i'm not kidding-- they have knee pads and riot helmets and riot sticks), masses of them walking around, paramedics at the standby and so on and so forth. when i went to the train station, there were approximately 10 of them blocking the entrance to my gleis.

there were some people allowed to go through, some people that were id'd and some people that were turned away. i couldn't figure out WHAT was going on, and I didn't have my passport/residency permit with me (okay, i am scared of the police here, i don't know particularly why-- perhaps because they are not as friendly seeming as the one's in the US?) and so I was pretty nervous. Eventually, I went up and asked in my best German "am I allowed to go through?" one of the police officer's looks me up and down (i don't know if he's serious, or just making fun of me because I am so obviously nervous) and eventually says "sure."

so i go up and there are about 8o million drunk germans trying to get on one regional bahn. there are police officers standing by as people run around with plastic cups of beer and smoke cigarettes, yelling chants and argueing with old women with headscarves. i would NOT want to be on that train.

Eventually, my train came and i got on and went home and made pasta.

like, i really made pasta. it was pretty good. more about that later.


here are some pictures of the pasta making process. my host family was quite entertained.

today i checked my mail compulsively waiting for a decision from macaulay and made focaccia and creme brulee. with salt. omg, fail. but my host family (other than my host sister) ated it and said it was good.

then i drewed a picture for art and studied a bit for physik.

that's all for now



John hat gesagt…

pasta looks delicious

margot hat gesagt…

i'm impressed by the pasta! i only tried to make homemade pasta once, and it came out delicious, although it was quite an endeavor. but i really want to try to make spätzle when i get home (do you have that where you are?).

thanks for your words of wisdom regarding sansibar. i'm really glad i'm not the only one who's still having trouble in deutsch. the deutschlehrer seems to expect me to be able to do as well as everyone else, and i'm just not there yet.