Samstag, 14. März 2009

oh heavens, it is so gorgeous today, i am thrilled.

i am wearing my trench coat and getting ready to go out shortly for tee and pastel-kreide buying and perhaps a haircut. we'll see.

tomorrow i am making my host family dinner-- the menu as of now is: handmade noodles with a white sauce and chicken or mushrooms.

i'm at a bit of a loss topic wise (except for 'moaning and bitching') so if anyone has any ideas, be so kind as to leave me a comment.

coming soon: the osterferien plans, katie rambles out the recent happening in stuttgart and ???.


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margot hat gesagt…

sounds lovely. i enjoyed my sunny day by going to the zoo with my betreuerin and eating a 7€ spaghettieis. so lecker!