Dienstag, 10. März 2009

thank you, and good night.

"I always look forward to reading people's CBYX blogs, but I dont know why I continue to check here when all you do is whine and whine. Alot of kids apply to CBYX every year who want to go but all you have to share about the experience is bitching and moaning. Wth. "

I don't know why you continue to check here either, kid-doe-doe.


maybe i should just write a disclaimer.


lizzie lou hat gesagt…

just ignore such comments - this is your blog, for recording your experiences. you get to say whatever you want to! even if it were 100 percent whiny, that's YOUR business (but it's not - it's a vivid, specific perspective on a year spent as an exchange student). i read a lot of exchange student blogs too, and the ones that gloss over the incredibly difficult parts of the experience and focus only on neat museums and unusual foods are BORING. you (and zoë) do an excellent job of truly capturing the ups and downs of this adventure you've undertaken.

zoë's mom

E.F.F. hat gesagt…

I don't know if that person's a returnee or a CBYX hopeful, but it doesn't really matter -- that's a terrible thing to write. If he/she IS a returnee, then he/she should know that every experience is different. Not everyone has an idyllic life with a perfect host family and perfectly welcoming classmates. Sure, some people have amazing years and some people have less-than-amazing ones, but I don't know ANYONE who's ultimately regretted going on exchange. Your experience is determined by a mix of so many factors (your home life, the kids at school, whether or not you can participate in other activities and, of course, your own adaptability), but it's such a delicate balance that can go topsy-turvy at any minute. You are writing about your real experiences and feelings; not everything is meant to be rosy. As I mentioned in a previous comment to you, I like reading your blog because it reminds me of my own exchange experience, which was sometimes incredibly difficult, but so worth it in the end. Keep up the good work, Katie.

- E, Germany '03-'04

Suzanne hat gesagt…

just so you know, you should ignore those comments because i love your blog! i saw it on CS (i'm metmet) and i've been following it for awhile :)