Donnerstag, 5. März 2009

wake up all bleary eyed and small

  • yesterday i went to the swimming pool and did some thinking. and a bit of swimming. my mind seems to be persistently recycling several points of varying importance and until they are resolved, i seem to be stuck in a rut. my decisions as of yesterday: i am going to start playing violin, if i get the scholarship to macaulays i am going to get a degree in liberal arts, i don't know if i want to be here, i am not going to be graded, i am spending too much money, i need to buy new socks and maybe write my name in them, i miss my friends, there's not enough space in this house, hiding in my room is not-acceptable, but i am content to do it anyways, i can not wait until vacation, i am going to paris, i want to go to amsterdam, i am possibly a watching buzzcocks reference, i think the muslim man in my german class hates me, javier makes my week sometimes and that is okay, i had a panic attack in the changing locker and when i got out someone had brought my backpack to lost and found, and i thought someone had taken it-- but despite the ipod in plain view and change purse and everything, everything is in it. i am quite pleased
  • today i am sick and making flashcards. so many flashcards. i slept for 3 hours this afternoon and it's 8:40 and i have the twitchy eye syndrome. i am going to watch germany's next top model with my host sister and my host brother's girlfriend who has even noticed that something isn't right.
  • my eye is twitching
  • thank you and good night



Charger4U hat gesagt…

I always look forward to reading people's CBYX blogs, but I dont know why I continue to check here when all you do is whine and whine. Alot of kids apply to CBYX every year who want to go but all you have to share about the experience is bitching and moaning. Wth.

Lauren-Margaret hat gesagt…

Katie, throw something big in his face and tell him to try it.

I think you whine the perfect amount.

Katie hat gesagt…

that's what i was thinking, girlie.

he didn't leave any means for me to 'privately' contact him, so we'll see. i swear, i remember doing one of these bitch-out posts before...

Charger4U hat gesagt…

Seriously though? Why all the whining? Is there anything fun about spending an expenses paid year in Germany?