Freitag, 22. Mai 2009

on wednesday, several things occurred.
  1. i stood up and presented part of a physics proof auf deutsch. it was wordy, something about sunbeams or sunstrands or something and i was, quite obviously, completely lost. my physics teacher told me that she thought it was really nice that i did so much with the class.
  2. i gave my english presentation and my class enjoyed it. prom? school buses? cafeteria lunches? sounds like magic.
  3. i also went to a grill party in one of those little garden-house parks and ate sheeps cheese and baked a really, really delicious cake.
on thursday i had a class get together with my speaking course and made friends with some children while playing in the sand in a themed tiki bar. i also stole a glass.


a big glass.

and today i went and bummed around the city. got my bangs cut, bought hair dye, bought ink and hairbands and eyeliner and toothpaste. it rained and got cold, i spent a lot of time inside. i ate a pretzel and a cookie and an ice cream. now it is cold and stormy. i am tired and ready for beds.

lots of love


margot hat gesagt…

hello katie! it was really, really nice to see you again at end-of-stay and do some exploring of berlin. i hope you had a good heim-reise and talk to you soon.

Hannah Foley hat gesagt…

Hi Katie. You don't know me, but I'm a CBYX Newbie bound for Deutschland in approx. a month. Could you email me and give me some tips, especiially about packing. I'm freaking out right about now. Here's my email.

Kaeti hat gesagt…

I know this was a long time ago but I really wish I could find out what ever happened with the rest of your trip and how college ended up going for you. A follow up blog is probably in order :)

signed, another kaeti...(spelled differently)