Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009


so, i got my nose pierced.

i ended up going for the more expensive studio, because it was cleaner and there weren't needles sitting on the counter and the guy at one studio was... creepy. and there was no one else waiting there. so, a speedy walk around the city later, I ended up at the slightly scary piercing place where all of the hipsters go.

I signed up, went upstairs (to where they were selling bongs and postcards, lol at germany) and panicked for the 5 or ten minutes until the piercer got there. he was a young-ish man, who shook my hands and went over the sheet of rules and made sure I understood everything. He gave my his phone number for if I had any questions, made sure the girl I was waiting with was waiting for me and we went into his little room.

He made a mark on my nose, stuck the bits into the sterilizer box and put on gloves. He cleaned off my nose, handed me a tissue and told me to lie back. Now, this is when I'm not exactly sure what happened. But he grabbed my nose with a pair tweezers, stuck a cork up and said "this is going to hurt. So don't freak out, and don't move."

So, he got the needle in, asked if I was okay, and then PULLED THE NEEDLE THROUGH MY NOSE and twisted the stud in. this entire procedure took maybe... 20 seconds? a minute? it was an uncomfortable undetermined amount of time though. And then I was like "is that it?" and he was like, yep.

So, I told him i was going to sit in the chair for a few minutes and he was like, take as long as you want. My eye was running and my nose was burny and that was it. I went and got ice cream and dragged Cat to the Apotheke to buy all sorts of antibiotic things. After, it is a little bit burny and red. The day of, my nose ran pink, and there was a bit of blood, but not as much as i was expecting. I'm super pleased with it. I can't wait to swap out the starter stud (a little crystal stud) for a star. or maybe a ring. maal sehen. Total cost? About 50 euros. Getting my nose pierced on my own and being able to understand the piercer? Priceless.

Or, at least, until my mum checks my bank account.



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