Montag, 10. November 2008

I thought she said maple leaves

so, today i went to see au revoir les enfants in hannover. fortunately, we had really amazing seats. unfortunately, it didn't really matter since the play sucked (on par with the Romeo and Juliet production of my freshman year). but it was nice to have a bit of adventure and manage a sort of normal conversation with a classmate.

i also ate more awkward gummi candies-- with little sprinkles. they were good. and i rode the train. ich liebe dem Zug! (still). Not the bus, though

just for reference, this is what my conversations normally go like with classmates.

them: blehgfgfjghegfkg he fgfkjgdfkfg ja?
me: wie, bitte?
them: bleh gfgf jghegfk he ja?
me: Oh... (I've understood about 1/3 of it now)... jghegfk?
them: awkward stare
me: Ja! Gerne!

(that's an exaggeration, actually. sometimes I understand.)

yesterday i went to the saint martins day parade. (except it's tomorrow...), and then to the church to sing songs. I was really pleased by the pictures my camera made-- I didn't want to use flash because the horse was freaking out-- I thought they were going to pull "saint martin" off of it. The effects were pleasing.

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Keine Idee!

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Kirche! (Da war ein klein Theater Stueck)

That's all for now

ps-- i can't believe i didn't have a parade tag yet. honestly!

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