Sonntag, 9. November 2008

so, i was invited to a basketball game last night. here's a great example of my failure of communication-- until like ten minutes before i left, i thought i was playing basketball.

take: wir spielen basketball said by a teenage girl (meaning I catch only 1/7, or so). it is not hard to mistake this: wir sehen ein Speil an. actually, they really don't sound the same. but i was invited, so i went.

the bus was actually on time and we walked around for a bit. we talked about tim hortons and dairy queen. i was asked what americans thought about germans. eva bought hair dye.

we nommed some pizza and I bought...

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(great picture, huh? Purple! I was going to get black ones... but the purple was just too lovely.)

Then we went and watched a basketball game. The major lol-factor is that they were called the New York Phantoms, which I seriously couldn't figure out (also, for the first half of the game, I couldn't figure out what team was which). Eventually, I figured out they were sponsored by New Yorker, the awkward clothing store, and the reason why the cheerleaders were all dressed in really awkward clothing was because they were sponsored by them too.

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There was also a really awkward mascot, who by the end was leading around the children like some sort of perverted pied piper.

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Also, look, there was a basketball game!

I also took some pictures of my room.

This is my desk.
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These are two of my shelves. I have a lot of them, but these are the coolest. on the far right are my school books and stuff for German learning. On the right are books that I've read/other lovely things. Also, there is a tiny sheep that I got from my first kinderegg and a button that fell off my black cardigan that i need to sew back on.
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Also, look at what I made! When I'm learning new words, I draw a lot of tiny pictures to help me learn and they get stuck in relevant areas. This one is in the kitchen.
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I don't think I ever wrote about last weekend. I met up with a few other exchange students and we went window shopping and nommed pizza. (noticing a trend?)

Here is the Schloss at night.
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then we went back to N's house and ate some more. We played a fun game with tiles and ate gummy bears. Here we (minus the turkish boy) are. my game tiles are in the front-- i somehow managed to win, despite not understanding the rules in the slightest.
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that's all for now

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