Freitag, 7. November 2008

you make me want to measure stars in the backyard...

i had one of those weeks that would make lesser men weep, i think.

i am so amazingly exhausted. but here we go anyways.

1. so unless no one fails an exchange student on principle, i can almost guarantee that i am going to fail school. i got a 0 on the math test we wrote-- i couldn't even read the questions. the one that i understood i couldn't answer, because i don't have the vocabulary to describe a parabola in german. i can't understand physics. chemistry i can sort of follow (but only because i know already) bio no. politiks no. etc.

2. there is a school strike on wednesday. we're talking about it. our teachers are encouraging us to skip the last half of school. (i think). i am sort of confused, but getting out of sport is good, i think.

3. zomg barack is the president! praise be! my class has heard my speech a few times by now, since almost all the teachers want to know what the american thought. but i am pleased and thrilled and etc.

4. i was supposed to go the disko tonight but instead i am going to sleep. exciting life, huh? but i am exhausted.

5. tomorrow i am going to play basketball. on monday i'm going to the theater with my french class.

that's all for now


margot hat gesagt…

if it's any consolation, i am most certainly going to fail too. i understand nothing in physik or chemie, nur ein bisschen in biologie, nie in mathematik...

in englisch i have the opposite situation: my englisch teacher wants me to constantly help out and read things for the class. i don't mind though. it's nice to feel productive in some way.

i hope it gets better in die schule... i'm sorry about this awkward combination of english and german.

margot hat gesagt…

that was zoe, by the way.