Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008

my ipod is charging

1. yesterday was an english class test. of course i was intending to write it-- i thought that by the way i actually participated in my english teacher's horribly piddly and had set out my paper and fountain pen with the four fingers of room on the right for easier correction may have been a clue.

of course, she asked as if she was surprised-- as if heavens, i wanted to participate in her english class! so, i wrote like a whole page. (in my writing, that's quite a bit). my fountain pen exploded on my hands. It's a brilliant, sarcastic essay about her interpretation of forrest gump that is probably sarcastic enough that she won't understand it. it had foot notes. and i actually checked my grammar (which is becoming more necessary, since i sort of am having trouble keeping things in friendly english orders)

and when i handed it in, she said "that's all you wrote?"

i'd really like to call her a mean word.

2. so i had an hour of religion and then i had two whole free hours! so i rode the strassenbahn to braunschweig and had a cup of tea in the lovely little cafe i found. and they have earl grey. the real kind, and didn't disturb me or get weirded out when I read out a sentence and asked if it was right. so i get the feeling i'm going to be a return customer. i also bought a new journal (i'm dangerously close to running out on my old one) and thought about going to try and find another pair of jeans. but then i just ordered another cup of tea. without milk. it was lovely.

3. after biology, we had another free hour! except it was with the entire class, not just me. eva asked if i wanted to go to "mecca's". now, i'd heard about mecca's and didn't really know what it was, so i was like yeah, sure! turns out it's mcdonalds. i had a mcflurry. it wasn't... bad, actually. i haven't imploded yet, although i do have a bit of a belly ache. and then we legged it to the strassenbahn and came back for gym.

4. gym actually wasn't so bad today. we played just girls basketball, which is a lot of running back and forth, so it wasn't so aggressive and i actually get passed to. next week we start badminton! i do enjoy badminton. so that's good. i'm also starting to realize that i can pass for german in basic converstation-- people just think i'm from a different area. or maybe... austria? i don't know, i think my intonation is horrible. and my classmates are really impressed with my german, and have started teaching me new words and/or showing me when i make a mistake in the nicest way. like today i learned whistle, baptism, fanatic.

5. tonight i am going to the small kids christmas concert. it's in a little town that requires approximately eight different busses to reach, so getting there (and getting back) will be an experience. i'm sure the concert will be lovely, though-- and there will be cookies.

as a bonus, because this is apparently what afs-exchange students do when we get together:



Lizzie hat gesagt…

my klassenkamaraden called it macdoofs, in a twist on the french habit of calling it macdou's. (sp?)

Victoria hat gesagt…

i can't find out how to follow your blog!!!! ACKKK!