Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2008

oh we wish you a merry christmas

apparently I've lost a bit of momentum. This is just a filler post, hopefully it will get me going again.

I am alive and well and not as manic-depressive as I thought I'd be. We celebrated Christmas yesterday and it was nice. Not as sad as I was expecting.

So, Merry blah etc whatever. I am very politically correct.


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margot hat gesagt…

dear katie,

that's so funny that your family also made raclette! as well as the christmas tree thing... when i was little, i used to secretly wish i could throw away all the handmade popcorn whatever oranaments and decorate with just stylish red and gold balls and lights... this year i longed for all the flimsy paper ornaments my brother made in kindergarten.

schöne ferien!