Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2008

you have to invision (the fiery crash)

today was not a good school day. sometimes i just have bad days-- i fail to understand and am just utterly unmotivated to talk to anyone, since it inevitably leads to complications and misunderstandings. i am realizing that i have been dropped from the sylvester plans of my class, so now i am trying to find new plans, which is not so nice. (not officially, but in the oh-you-can-come-i-guess)

anyways. last night i worked for... an hour on math. i felt really good about the problems and i was like "this totally makes sense! i am amazing!" etc., etc.,... i wrote the problems out nicely in my new math notebook which we are required to keep with my shiny new fountain pen and packed my bag for school

and they were all wrong. every single one of them. we'll just use this as a metaphor for today. except for my knitting... i got a lot of knitting done today.

but after school was really great. i came home and made a cake, a baumkuchen! (which is one of those cakes with about a million little layers and jam in between). i literally pulled the cake out of the oven, ran for my bus and almost missed it. i made it to language class early, learned new words, sang a song and ate. and got fed champagne, which is surely going to make tomorrow fun.

tomorrow is a late morning. my class is writing a math test and i am going to go to the city and pretend that i shouldn't be attemping to write the math test with my class. then after school i am going to the autostadt to the christmas markets and perhaps ice skating!

that's all for now

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olive hat gesagt…

Hey, at least you're trying. And it does sound like you're making a lot of progress. I'm sorry you had one of those "why me?!" days. I have a hunch things will get better, and I hope that the number of encouraging experiences will outweigh these road bumps for you.

As for the food thing, I'm not veggie, but about as close as one can get while still occasionally eating meat; my consumption of meat hardly ever surpasses one or two days a week, and sometimes I go for long periods without meat at all. I am addicted to middle eastern food, so I'm glad to find out there's falafel.