Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009

i am the king of the wild frontier

oh, heavens to betsy and praise the lord, it's the first of the pop-culture posts that I have been promising to do and haven't.

interpipes: i am addicted to the internet. it is true, and highly unfortunate. here are the sites I've been enjoying, in no particular order.
  • wardrobe remix is a group on flickr where everyday people post pictures of their fabulous outfits. i also enjoy sites like the satorialist and facehunter, but wardrobe_remix is a bit more userfriendly and a bit more real.
  • is the most amazing only english-german dictionary ever, I've decided. And it talks. For language learning softward, I've only heard good things about LiveMocha, although I'll confess I haven't used it.
  • Post Secret is a website where secrets are shared. it is difficult to explain, but ever so lovely. and someday, someday, i will buy those books.
music: i am still living off my iPod, although I haven't found any amazing German tunage yet. here's what I'm sort of listening to.
  • The Worried Noodles CD is approximately the best thing ever. Words cannot describe, but it makes me die of laughing everytime one comes up on shuffle.
  • The amazingly awkward cover of Prince's When Doves Cry by Patrick Wolf and Charlotte Church. I swear there used to be a video on YouTube, but I can't find it now.
  • The Awkward String Arrangements of the Smiths, CD! (Excluding their 'original compositions'. Makes for good study music, and music when I am in an ambigious language state.)
  • Haribo, MACHT KINDER FROH! they include: gummi bears, licorice bits and all sorts of good things.
  • I bought an iPod just before I came. Contrary to AFS' suggestions, I brought it with me and I am absolutely amazingly pleased that I did. I don't want to be silly and things, but it's really nice to have. not only do I have pictures (most requested: pictures of prom and the dogs), but I have music and my German podcasts, which help make me feel less awkward when I am failing at being sociable.
  • I just bought a new planner. I bought a ginormous (okay) the large soft-cover moleskin for the new year and it is love. I also bought a fountain pen, which is also love.
  • Also, one more thing that I have bought: it is called a picture dictionary. It is from Duden, and it has a lot of really specific vocabulary, (i.e., cooking, food, shopping, horse back riding, school...), all drawn with pictures. It is really lovely and helpful, especially with the science words.
that's all for now

lots of love

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Arielle hat gesagt…

When Doves Cry..... oh thank you for saying that. Best/worst thing I've ever seen.
love and new hampshire snow