Freitag, 9. Januar 2009

i'm always pleased by the blog posts that AFS chooses to spotlight. Unfortunately, my remark about the pepper chunks didn't make it, and my lack of punctuation did.

the latter half of this week i've been rolling on some sort of cloud, although i'm pretty tired today. i swore to god i wouldn't say this, but it's like one day i rolled out of bed and i could understand almost everything. speaking? it's in the works, although i am getting more adventurous with my topics. yesterday, brave new world. today, adoption. tomorrow... perhaps learning how to pronounce reich correctly? (i still haven't mastered it in English).

but now i am tired and my throat hurts and i am ready for sleeps. expect a sort of long scientific discovery/pop culture post this weekend, since I've been storing up topics for a while.

lots of love

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