Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009

i just had someone tell me i was introspective to a fault

10 thing thursday
  1. i used to be better at updating this blog. i am breaking the rule that i always break, saying sorry for not blogging because of Real Life. soon, i may even apologize for the fact that i am too lazy to capitalize my letters and sometimes put periods at the end of the sentence.
  2. so apparently i am either moving or not moving. in any case, i'm looking for a potential host family. i have the word out, and now it is just a question of waiting. i am getting ready to move from my room, and i'm amazed at how much STUFF i have. not clothes, but things like books and notebooks and newspapers and things
  3. today my german course had a course meeting at an indian restaurant. unfortunately, i didn't get to stay and eat (since i had to come home with the bus), but i had a really delicious cup of tea. i will be returning shortly for some of the delicious looking things they had on their menu.
  4. i am going to berlin on monday! i have no idea what we're doing really, but it promises to be amazing. my friend becca is coming to see me on sunday and i'm going to show her around a bit, then we leave bright and early on monday morning.
  5. tomorrow i have only one hour of class and then i am going in the city with the girls from my class. we get our report cards tomorrow, and i'm sort of nervous what my host parents are going to say. despite the fact that i've told them multiple times, they still seem to think that i'm getting graded in my classes.
  6. i cast on for a sweater today! i am making thermal from knitty in a delicious cotton yarn that i scored fifteen balls of, in a lovely blue colour, for ten euros. i already have almost the entire bottom cuff done. hopefully it fits-- my gauge is doing weird things as of late.
  7. it is cold here now (as the germans say, ass-cold), but it is the good kind of cold. it is the kind that i gallavant about in flats and tights and the kids in my class are like OMG WAT R U DOIN?
  8. on that note, i got my first teasing because i am an exchange student today. apparently, outside of my class, people didn't realize that i was an exchange student. so we were walking past some kids today and they were all like 'i hear she can't speak german!' and then someone was like 'ask her!' and then we walked away. there's also a precocious little boy on the bus who's going to get what's coming to him if he doesn't wise up. english is a weapon, my friends!
  9. i find this article quite intriguing. i haven't really been following the science news so much as of late, but i find this interesting. it delves briefly into the ethics of doing multiple ivf at once.
  10. i bought a new backpack! now i am like a german scenster kid. backpacks are sort of status-symbols here, and my bright pink messenger stood out tremendously. now i am all trendy and stuffs.
next post should hopefully have pictures, if i ever manage to remember my flickr password.

lots of love

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margot hat gesagt…

hi katie,
that's good that you're looking for a new host family, although waiting must be really stressful. my friend tang might be changing host families because of problems with her host brother (he really despises her, laughs at her when she makes mistakes in german, calls her stupid, etc) which is sad since she might have to leave our commitee. i hope everything gets better soon.

some of the teachers make fun of me when i participate, too. at first i completely ignored it and answered anyway, but now my invincibility has kind of worn off, and sometimes i'm afraid of being wrong. but math is getting way better since we started doing some geometry. i've retained a lot more of that.

that sweater is wonderful. now i want to make one too! but i've got a lot of sock yarn around, so i ought to finish some of those first.

talk to you soon,