Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2009

i wrote a five in my (english) erdkunde class. the teacher hates me-- the answers aren't wrong, but apparently I didn't follow the perfect format for writing an answer. blah-blah-blah etc.

I am sort of annoyed, but it has helped me to bond with my class.

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margot hat gesagt…

that is annoying. you are the native speaker, after all.

thanks for your school/volleyball sympathies. it's sometimes so frustrating, especially being so lost in class. i hate it! but really, i'm sure even kids who have taken years and years of german struggle with that. i just sometimes feel bad about not understanding, and even though i tell myself that i shouldn't care what the teachers think of me, i do. i can't help it.

yes, let's talk about future travels/visiting!