Donnerstag, 19. März 2009

several things have happened since the last time i wrote.
  1. i was waitlisted at macaulays
  2. i was actually allowed to read something in english class
  3. i answered a question correctly in religion class
  4. i think that i've bruised my tailbone
  5. i had yoga
  6. the new franz cd is brilliant
  7. and i am learning for a biology test tomorrow. promising to be a-- you guessed it-- epic fail. we'll seas, we'll seas.
love from the underground

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charlotte hat gesagt…

i'm a friend of zoe's from maine and i'm probably going to do afs next year in france. i just wanted to tell you that i really enjoy your blog. also, i read the comments from that guy who seems to hate you and thought that they were ridiculous. who leaves such snarky comments on strangers' blogs? my theory is that he applied for cbyx and was rejected.
anyway...i love reading this!