Sonntag, 29. März 2009

battle of the blogs

On Friday the 27th, Katie Came to Town.
And the world was changed.

Before this happened, a few other things worth noting occured.
First of all, Creepy Sunglasses Guy was on the bus. As usual. AND, he asked to borrow my pen. Which I allowed, because I don't know what he would have done otherwise. Scary scary man.
Then, Katie did not come. But her phone call came, and I answered it. And in Denglish, she told me that because of snow, her train was coming late. She says that isn't what she said, but that's what I understood. I love it.
Much waiting occured, and I bought a crazy looking bread thing for Andelyn. And some other stuff of goodness.
After much more waiting, Katie arrived! And the world was, as before stated, geändert.

after a 50€ train ticket, 2 ices, a 30 minute verspatung, a bottle of fanta, and a rogue encounter of the english variety (there was an english speaking man on the train), i finally made it to the bonn hbf.

thankfullz, meg was waiting for me.

A good chunk of my waitingness had been spent with a Ticketautomat, attempting to save katie as much money as possible. I ended up failing, but that wasn't my fault. So, prepared with infos, Katie and I boarded an U-Bahn to Anya's house.

this is sort of actually a lols story. i couldn't exactly figure out, why meg had switched host families TO LIVE WITH TWO NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS. anywsays, it turns out we didn't go to her house, we went to anya's.

the general plan was to dye my hair.

the general plan sort of... dissolved. into teeny, tiny, bitsy pieces. the first thing the "professional" did was dump the conditioner into the dye, making it unusable. didn't like the color anyways, and we hop back on the u-bahn and make a flying trip to rewes.

The funny thing about that story is that Katie was not under the impression that, despite my assurances, Anya really is a professional. She is, like, trained and stuffs. In Cosmetology. Yup.
I take full blame because I was distracting Anya the whole time with my incessant chatter. I lost my voice eventually.

Anywhos, we went to ReWe. Turns out they don't carry hairdye. Not in the the hair section, or the fruit section, or the cleaning products section. We checked.

So we returned to the House of Anya, and Katie and I both got our self-done haircuts smoothed out by Anya the Amazing.

i was going to make a totes brilliant meg equals pithy squirrel reference. it's forthcoming, promises.

I have yet to understand from where this forthcoming reference is supposed to come, but it will most Definitely be brilliant.

well, have to have some incentive to keep the readers at it

Oh right. It's part of the evil plan of all bloggers. *had forgotten*

At this point it became run-to-the-bus time.

so i bought another bus ticket. hence the meg failing at saving katie money thing, that you'd remember if you just didn't skim to the dirty parts.

anywhooos, so we rode the u-bahn back to the bahnhof. when we were walking out of the hallway, i got confronted by two germans of the teenage variety. they did not seem to be drunk.

they approach me. i whip out the "es toooot meeer leeeiiid..." and look to meg for reassurance. i thought SHE SAID THAT THE BONN FOLKS WERE FRIENDLY.


and then the guy starts speaking english.

he points at his wrist and says, i saw you on the tv yesterday, can i have your sign?"

and then they rambled some more and then meg pulled me away, so i could be harrassed by the next one in line.

which was the bus driver.

i get on the bus. i must buy another ticket (this is a reaccuring theme; i hope you're not bored by it yet.)

me: can i buy a ticket to... meg?
meg: blah this is my stop blah
me: what she said
bus driver: now you say it!
me: ??????
me: meg?

and then meg fed me the words and the guy asked me from where i'm from. no one knows where braunschweig is down here, so it's a bit odd.

i think he meant my nationality. but i whipped out the german, srs bsnss style, so all was in ordnung.

I personally found the busdriver rather friendly.

sure, meg. sure. i thought bonn was family-friendly; now i'm thinking again.

It is, except when you are here. The trade-off is that when you are here, the trains come on time. So I win.

By the way, the name of my stop is Bßhövn Abzg. Ganz simple.

that's for privacy protection

Then Samstag occured, bright and early the next day - we were awoken by the brightness of the sun at apprx. 7:40. How deceiving of it.

We made ourselves ready (as the Germans say) and went downstairs for shoes and stuffs, when we ran into Regina the hostmother.

Mama: Ack! If I knew you were leaving early we would have breakfasted earlier!! Here, smear yourself a Brötchen.
Me:...Bus in 5 minutes?
Whatever. We made it with only minimal light jogging.

Then Katie attempted to buy a Tagesticket (bus and train ticket for a whole day).

me: hallo, ich hätte gern eine tagesticket. region four. köln.
him: bonn?
me: köln.
him: bonn.
me: köln.
him: oh! köln (he says it the exact same)

and then he prints me a four card.

so we went and talked to him again, and he complained and gave me a day ticket.

then, on the bus, i was introduced to sunglasses man, meg's secret loooove.

the sparks were flying as he dozed romantically in the back of the bus.

clearly, it is forever.

Only because he refuses to take a different bus. Or a bath, I should say. There is nothing sexy about greasy hair and cut-up knuckles. Or bleeding eye sockets, but I suppose that was just once. Sorry, Katie.

sure, meg.

she's just in denial. THE SPARKS WERE FLYING; I TELLS YOU!

That was because the bus is reallllllly old. Honestly, the middle turny section is going to fall out some day.

We decided that, since we had put so much effort into getting a ticket that lets Katie go to Köln, we may as well go there. So we did. And, guess what?
It was raining.

The wonderful thing about the Köln Dom is that it is like a massive wind maschine. It is like Chicago in the middle of the Köln Innercity. Ergo, umbrella = useless = we are wet.

and we blowdryed our hair and everything.

Luckily the rain was all, 'just kidding!' and we did not become soaked through. We eventually arrived at my personal favorite haven, The English Shop, which I find much amazing. Unfortunately the counter was not being manned this time by a hot British boy with one of those accents that melts the bones in your knees. Or maybe that was a fortunate thing - I was planning on doing a lot of walking this weekend.

well, i saw a llama. and that made me all melty-kneed, even though i was planning to do a lot of walking this weekend.

We then wandered a bit more until we came upon a S-Bahn. As we approached, the rain picked up. As we attempted to decide a direction, it picked up more. As it started down-ouring so hard that the rain - yes, rain, not hail - started bouncing off the ground, we ran for the side that we were closest to: and hid under the covering until the Bahn came.

We ended up on the other side of the river at a Bahnhof that I didn't know existed and took a train back to Bonn that I had never taken before and that went through stops that I had never heard of and I was very confused, but eventually we ended up on Track 3 in the Bonn Hbf so all was well again.

so then we were in bonn.

and we went a-walkin'.

we found a seriously cuties little store with odd things and went upstairs.

at the foot of another very intriguing set of stairs, there was a sign that said "private, but please come in. everything is for sale."

it turned out that it was a little overpriced thriftstore. i bought an amazing yolked blue fuzzy skirt and meg almost bought a magenta-themed pioneer dress and then bought like a 70's style shirt dress.

then i was hungry, so we went and nommed some noodles.

i learned to use chopsticks.

Bild 003

Bild 001

apparently, i am right handed.

Anya and I, through the invention of the Telephone, planned ourselves a ron-day-voo. And then it started hailing.

We found ourselves an S-Bahn and were magically (after a good 15 minutes) in Bad Godesberg. We went to the Haribo Fabrik!! (read - factory.)

me: So, where is this factory thing?
Anya: this will soon become apparent.
me: ... ?

After like 3 minutes: Large Red Arrow!

Bild 006

This is no cool thing like a factory tour or such. No no, it is a very large store fulllll of candy. The gummi bear kind, and other assorted varieties of amazingness. Also, a bear that talks. And gummi candy in the shape of Arnold Schwarzene... yeah. Him.

We wandered in a very interesting fashion, when suddenly I spotted a cooler! I like cool treats, so I peeked through the glass and spyed myself some FREEZE POPS!! Amazings. I bought one, and also a packet of them to take home. Calm yourself, it was only €o,65. Mmmm. Sadly, I had some difficulties with my package due to a lack of scissors. Photos forthcoming.

german precision engineering my oversized black eye-podular. i am experimenting with parental guidance non-required blogging.

Then - Kinopolis! Yays! Costing of money, of which Katie did not have im Moment. So,

me (what i heard): Gibt es in der nähe ein Geldautomat?
me (what everyone else heard): Gibt es in der nähe ein Geldmaschine?

I am officially going insane.

After ths getting of moneys, we returned to the theater, bought tickets, were confused about how to get in, and then were told that Katie's large camera of coolness was not allowed in the theater.

so i stuck it in a locker. it was not a positive experience. i experience seperation anxiety when parted from my camera.

We watched The Shopaholic. But before this occurence, we discussed glasses and their uses. And Katie's glasses, which she left at home, were described as "They're like a Bright Eye for Cutie glasses."

I died of laughter.

Scary talking mannequins. Otherwise good.

We then searched us a drug store to try this hair thing again.

except we got out of the kino at 6:02.

and we're in germany, so apparently people don't need hairdye or toothpaste or nailpolish after 6 o'clock.

so we went to karstadt. and bought like THE MOST obnoxiously coloured red hair dye ever. ever. ever. ever. it was like orange. i was like, okay!

so then we went back to anya's house and we had dinner with someone from the un and i got climbed over by a toddler for a while.

and then we dyed my hair.

it was suspiciously not-burny. but as we washed it out, we were sort of like... katie, your hair isn't really red.

but we almost missed our bus, so we went running with the soaking hair and then we did not miss our bus, but it turns out that on saturday evenings, the bus only runs every other hour.

so we went to meccas. and met some german gangstas, with mullets and overly tan skin and sweatpants and fanny packs. they were quite infatuated with one miss meg.

We were speaking English.
Dude #4: lol hehe Ich kann English! lol
me: Ich kann Deutsch! (said to myself/Katie)
#4: Oh, du kannst Deutsch?
Kontact had been made. So I sold them a dollar.

We discussed many topics: famous people (I'm from Iowa), drinking (he didn't until 18, when his gramma died), hamburger prices, Monster Energy Drinks, spring break, exchange year, spring break, $/€ exchange rate, so on. And then,

#4: Hey, can I buy your dollar? For a euro.
#3: Yeah! That's a 20 cent profit!
me: sure you can.
#4: Oh, I don't have a euro.
me: ....
#3: I'll buy it!


Except now I don't have a dollar, and those things are great conversation starters. Obviously.

Then they randomly left. And the bus came. And Mr. Sunglasses was somehow not on board.

but meg was missing him, i could tell.

she was practically pining away.

No, that was just my throat from talking all day. *croak* *croak*

because she was talking about SUNGLASSES MAN.

i win.

anyways, so we came home and went to bed and the time sprung ahead and then it was this morning and i went to church.

meg is the first real mormon that i have ever met. but now i know a lot of them.

they are semingly very nice, but no one knows with these types and their "people jackets".

it was sillies, because they kep saying "zeugnis", which i know as report card.

which actually also means report card. and testimony. everyone also thought we were sisters, because apparently our hair and our eyes are like the same.

The retro-ness of our clothings may have also played a part in that.

sure, meg. i TOTES believe you. secretly, i am from iowa. you heard it here first.

and then one of the missionaries asked me if i wanted a book of mormon.

i was like, sure?

so they came and visited my house. well, meg's house. but whatever.

spreading the gospel and all the jazz.

with his "people jacket".

well, that's all from this end of the spectrum.

all the love (tooth and nail)

I'm not much of a sign-offerin, but I am feeling the peer-pressure.
warm-fuzzy-feelings from buschhoven!
-lauren margaret


Allison hat gesagt…

HAHA! This was so much fun to read.
I found your blog via Cultures-Shocked. I'm a creeper, but not creepy, capeesh?
And love it.
I wish my entries were that amusing to read.

Lauren-Margaret hat gesagt…

Sweet! First comment!

Man, Katie, you win.

- meg

Anonym hat gesagt…

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Thom Harrison hat gesagt…

Ha, das war geil

Anonym hat gesagt…

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.