Donnerstag, 2. April 2009

and we go yo-ho over the sea....!

so, i am currently sitting somewhere in berlin and the screeen is slightly blurry.

there are several potential reasons for that.

the first is, that i think i might be going a little blind.

the second is, that i can also not type and it is clearly past 5 o' clock somewhere. irgendwo. kelly and i (who's internet connection i am currently stealing, and bedroom couch i am currently sleeping on), made baileys. lots of it. and cool labels. for the bottle.

but we did other stuff toooo.

i left bonn on monday morning and arrived in berlin almost half an hour late at some point in the afternoon. the berlin bahnhof is ginormous and their are multiple levels which apparently is what is meant by the words "tief" on the ticket that i bought.

so i changed traisn a few times and then i got on a train heading somewhere in poland.

i didn't go to poland. i got out in berlin. and molested by some small children, who thought i was pretty coools.

btw, i have pictures. somewhere. they're just refusing to load because of some sort of thing involving readers blah blah blah etc.

on tuesday, i went to schoools, with kelly. i bought a month ticket, which may or may not be valid, depending on one's view of the term "student". however, i plan not to speak any german if someone asks.

"es toooot mir liiiiiiiieeeeeeed,iccccccckkkkkkk kaaaaaannnn keeiiiiiiinnnn deutttsch."

aber ja. mal sehen.

then, on tuesday night, we went to the synagogue that was partially destroyed during world war two and had today been rebuilt. there is a museum inside, but we didn't see it. we all saw some of the white yuppy part of berlin, where all of the arty kids moved because it was cheap and remains sort of destroyed because arty kids tend to grow into lazy adults.

but i still loves them.

then, we walked to the fernsehturm (spelling questionable) and looked around for a while. amayingly, some sort of glorified beast has decided to grant us lovely weather (prolly has was zu tun with my trip to the mormon church). so we have been parading about without jackets enjoying the sunshines.

so, on wednesday, kelly and i hit the krankheits museum, which is the sort of place i would live at if they had beds. it was filled with dead things and the ways people get killed. like one eyed cyclop babies and dissected livers. there was also an interesting section about the evolution of certain ways diseases are treated (ranging from the early treatments of glaucoma to sepsis and a rather interesting example about difficult births in the 19th century, with an absolutely terrifying looking birthing chair. as a side note, there was a quite entertaining english translation whoopsie, which directly translated one of hte words for midwife to "diaper changer", which was sort of lols in context. over all, major thumbs up for the charité krankheits museum in berlin.

then, on wednesday night, after hitting ka de we, which is this ginormous shopping center with things like 17,000€ bottles of brandy and more clothes than we could shake a forest of sticks at, and writing some postcards bought from a lovely turkish lady, kelly and i went to visit the lovely looking pub that i had earlier remarked upon. there is this typical berlinisch beer, that is fruity, and i wanted to try it. strictly experimental, of course.

so, we went to an irish pub (where yes, kelly, the waitresses spoke ENGLISH, because they were NOT GERMAN) called the oscar wilde, which was playing beirut when we walked in, and had some red and green coloured beer. which is surprisingly nice and not terribly alcoholic.

or so i thought.

then we had apint of guinness (pictures coming later) and then i stood up and the floor was like woooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh hey there! and it was like, okay.

but the berliner beer is pretty very cools. there is raspberry and waldmeister, which is green and tastes yummy.

so then we rode the u-bahn homes and talked to kelly's host parents for a little bit. and then beds.

today, we went to the holocaust memorial museum. i've posted pictures of this memorial before (it's the one with the many cement blocks), but it turns out there's quite an involved museum underneath. it's quite lovely, quite detailed, with lots of information-- including a lot of personal stories. one of the rasons why i think that the holocaust is so well sort of... forgotten, as it were, is that too frequently, thousands of deaths are simply a statistic. this museum was chilling, because it sort of reversed the process, the ocncept-- it focused on the individual victims, the names forgotten and the lives destroyed, all while not completely obliviating the overwhelmingness of the holocaust.

on a lighter note, then we went to karstadt. i got ided for like the first time ever in germany. then, we came home and made noodles. and baileys. and ate poptarts.

which i also bought at karstadt.

that's all for nows
lots of love


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