Sonntag, 12. April 2009

i'm not in love with the modern world

it is weird to look back at 7 months, to think that three more or so and i will be home. it is odd now, because now that uni is sort of settled, i feel sort of... finished. finished like i was with highschool when i learned that i got this scholarship, finished like i am with knitting when there is less than 1/4 less, finished like when i finally put the dough in the oven.

but there is still time, and it is a good and bad feeling together. i have seen so much, learned so much, experienced so much, (cornily enough) grown so much that sometimes i wonder how much of katie there is left. i just spent two weeks hanging out with fellow exchangees and meeting new families and must say that germany is a beautiful, beautiful land.

this post is just going to be pictures, i think.

first off:


these are some of the bigger places I've been. The blue is homebase, the green is potentially planned travel, depending on time and money and so forth.


osterferien 022

osterferien 014

osterferien 002

april 004


hey you





the oscar wilde






margot hat gesagt…

i understand what you mean about "being done." lately i've been feeling this weird "i've only got three months left, why make the effort?" feeling, and although that's annoying, i think it's pretty natural. i feel generally really good about what i have seen and learned and experienced. i think even if i were going home tomorrow i would feel good.

i love your pictures, and 'd like to make a similar map! nice that you'd like to visit karlsruhe, hopefully it won't disappoint. let me know about a weekend. the first two weekends in may i have plans, but other than that almost everything is open. it would be great if you could come visit.

margot hat gesagt…

katie -- meine gastmutters betreuer hat gesagt, dass wir bestimmt am 10. oder 11. juli zurückfliegen.